Initial Shopping Cart Setup

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      • From the Left Navigation Menu, select Settings.
        • From the Settings menu, select Storefront Settings
          • On the Store Contact tab, enter your company information and contact information.
          • On the Global tab, Select yes or no options, set your currency, home country and other setttings.
          • Newsletter opt-in is also on the Global tab. If this is set to yes, a check-box will be displayed to allow the customer to opt in to the mailing list at checkout. Customize the text for the newsletter opt in box. Set the default to yes if you want the customer to have to un-check the box to opt out. No mailing list is created in OrderStorm. Opt-in email addresses must be harvested from the individual orders. Yes or No shows on the Order detail page under Order Contacts.
          • Set order min amount (if any) and order deposit amount (if you are willing to take a partial payment to begin the order fulfillment process).
          • On the Product Page tab and the Add Button tab, enter custom names for the labels or use the defaults.  The order label is displayed on the product page where the customer presses the button to add an item to their shopping cart.  Examples: Order now!, Send me one!
          • The features/options label on the Product Page tab is used for the section where you add colors, sizes, and upsell items. Examples: Product Options, Customize.
          • Set display for left and right sidebars. These settings will override your theme. If you have a theme with sidebars and these are set to no, the sidebars will not be displayed on the product pages or category pages.
          • Enter the category page slug from the page you created when you installed the plugin.
          • Contact OrderStorm if you want to use a different location for the main image set-up.
          • Enter the small, medium and category image default URLs. These will be displayed if there is no specific photo uploaded for a product or category. Many customers use their logo.
          • Edit the checkout page (the modal window that pops up to display the view cart and checkout screens). There are three containers or areas on the checkout page where you can insert text or HTML. One at the top, one at the bottom, and one at the top right over the Order Summary calculation. Go to Settings/Storefront Settings/checkout page to add your customization to the page. Use these containers for your logo, to add notes that tell your customers what to expect during the checkout process, or for anything else you want to say. Each container is limited to 2,000 characters.Also on the checkout page tab is an option to display credit card logos. If set to true, the credit card logos will be displayed at the bottom of all checkout pages except for the final thank you page. The logos displayed here will match the logos of the credit cards you select in Payment Options.
        • From the Settings menu, select Payment Options
          • Accept credit cards, checks, money orders, wire transfers and PayPal
            • Select Credit cards configure to choose which credit cards to accept and then enter your  payment gateway information.
            • Special instructions for the InternetSecure gateway:
              1. To use InternetSecure you need to have InternetSecure white-list the IP address on your account.
              2. For the payment gateway fields, enter your merchant ID (MID) in the login field, leave login 2 blank, enter anything at all in the API key/password field.  The API key/password field cannot be blank but it is NOT used by Internet Secure.
          • Set high and low limits for each payment type. Ex. No credit card payments larger than $3,000. Wire transfer for larger orders.
          • Select (configure) to set up your Wire Transfer Information for incoming wires.
        • On the Payment Options page , select Finishing pages – set the text to display on your Thank You pages for credit card orders and check orders etc. Each one can be different.
        • From the Settings menu , select edit check-out terms to set the Terms and Conditions for your cart. Note: Terms can also be set by product from the product detail page.
          • Enter your Terms and Conditions for a credit card purchase and for a check purchase. Select Update All Terms.
        • From the Settings menu, select Email. Enter the email address for someone in your organization to receive notification that you have new orders. This will typically be the shipping department or customer service department. New order notices are sent out automatically each time an order is placed on your website. The email address you used to sign up with is automatically added here. If you do not want an email notification each time your cart takes an order, make this blank.
        • From the Settings menu, select Countries.  This brings up a list of countries.  You can select which countries you want to receive orders from.  The countries you select will appear in a drop down list at check-out for customers to choose from.
        • From the Settings menu, select Tax Tables to select locations to collect sales tax and enter the tax rate for each.
    • IMPORTANT PCI Compliance Security Setting

– From the WordPress Dashboard, go to the OrderStorm eCommerce Advanced page. At the bottom of the page, un-check the box next to “Do not verify SSL peer certificate:” You Must de-activate that setting when you move the website into production for PCI compliance. If you leave this box checked, your site will fail a PCI inspection or scan.

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