OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart User Manual

User Manual Index

  1. Installation
  2. System Administration
  3. Initial Shopping Cart Setup
  4. Category Management
  5. Product Management
  6. Order Management
  7. CRM – Notes and Action Items
  8. CSS Help
  9. Advanced SEO
  10. Product and Category Shortcodes
  11. List of Shortcodes
  12. Business Management
  13. Creating and Managing Quotes
  14. FAQ
  15. Support Videos
  16. Contact Support

OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce is a full-featured, easy to use WordPress shopping cart that supports an unlimited number of SKUs and customer service reps (CSRs). It has a very wide range of built-in functions making it easy to completely manage your Internet business through the Administration Page interface. Detailed instructions follow. For questions or customization, send email to support@OrderStorm.com.

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