OrderStorm eCommerce Brings Automated Drop Shipping to WordPress Users

Denver, CO – OrderStorm brings a new level of automation to small and medium size businesses running a drop shipping website. The OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce plugin has fully automated drop shipping functionality built right into the shopping cart. When a new order comes in to the online store, the software automatically sends a purchase order out to the right vendor. When the vendor ships, the software automatically sends a shipping notice to the customer. All the website owner needs to do is market their website and pay the suppliers.

“Drop shipping automation can help save time and money for retailers that use the drop ship model”, says Jodie Barr, President of OrderStorm. “Automating a drop ship program can lower transaction costs and increase profit margins substantially. Using OrderStorm e-Commerce to automate a drop shipping program makes it easy for the retailer to manage a large number of orders with very few staff to maximize profits.”

OrderStorm’s WordPress shopping cart software is also easy for suppliers. Suppliers can log in to view an administration area with a list of open orders, a running account balance and reports on how much of which items the retailer is selling.

OrderStorm’s drop shipping automation includes:

• Formal purchase orders (POs) emailed to suppliers in real time as orders come in.
• An interface for vendors to provide shipping details and tracking numbers.
• Automated shipping notices generated and emailed to customers.
• Vendors can be prompted for status on aging orders.
• The amount owed to each vendor is automatically calculated so you can pay by check bi-monthly.

One of the main tasks in setting up a drop shipping business is setting up suppliers and managing the supplier interaction so orders are received smoothly and shipped smoothly. The OrderStorm WordPress shopping cart has built-in features to help customers set up a drop shipping business. The software makes it easy to add new suppliers and manage those suppliers.

This WordPress e-commerce software has many drop shipping specific features that include:

• Easily add new suppliers to the system
• Easy update to keep addresses, phone numbers and contacts current
• View a Vendor List to quickly find supplier information
• Each product in the shopping cart is assigned to the correct vendor
• Attach price lists and other documents to the main record vendor to keep track of the latest information
• Set different email addresses for automatic email – who gets the PO? Who gets the technical questions submitted through the shopping cart product pages?
• Easy deactivation of all of a supplier’s products should they go out of business or you stop working with them
• See stock reports – which of a suppliers’ products are selling the best
• List of open POs per supplier – don’t let them fall behind on shipping your orders
• Account information – a running balance of purchases and payments per vendor
• Auto-payments – pay suppliers twice per month by check
• Batch edit prices by supplier – easily update prices when a supplier sends out a new price sheet

About OrderStorm

OrderStorm brings a robust, PCI compliant shopping cart to the millions of small and medium sized business websites running on WordPress. OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce is the platform of choice for customers that need more functionality than the free WordPress plug-ins provide – customers with large numbers of SKUs, customers that have multiple CSRs working on orders, customers that need drop-shipping automation, and businesses models that require secure storage of credit card data. Visit the website at OrderStorm.com.

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