wordpress ecommerce Order-Management graphic

The OrderStorm eCommerce shopping cart has EXTENSIVE order management functionality which sets us apart from all other WordPress plugins. Built-in automation and a long list of frequently used features make your customer service reps efficient, saving you both time and money.

Order Processing

OrderStorm allows you to process orders in a way that fits your business. Accept credit cards online with a payment gateway such as Authorize.Net, process them manually or within your accounting software package such as Quickbooks.

Order processing functions include:

  • One button order cancellation
  • Add new credit card information for declined transactions
  • Process refunds or add extra charges to the order
  • Send email order updates
  • Change shipping or billing information
  • Enter shipping and tracking information
  • Re-send order confirmation or shipping notice
  • Attach files to the order

Automatic Confirmation Emails

OrderStorm sends automatic order confirmation emails and shipping notices plus order update emails which are sent automatically when an order’s status is changed, either through payment processing or manually in the administration console. Emails are sent from the OrderStorm servers and not through WordPress, both as plain text and HTML.

Customer & Order History

All of your customer information is stored securely in a SQL Server database, allowing you to view detailed customer and order history.

Order Processing Page

If you have a call center, multiple customer service reps can simultaneously manage the order processing pages plus enter orders during incoming phone calls using the shopping cart checkout screen.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing

Process credit card payments in real-time using a payment gateway such as Authorize.Net, and/or accept PayPal and Google Checkout payments.

PCI Compliant Storage for Credit Card Data

Credit card data is stored in our PCI compliant data center so you can re-run customer credit cards for monthly installment payments, subscription payments or extra shipping charges.

Offline Credit Card Processing, Checks and Custom Payment Methods

Process credit cards manually offline, or within your accounting system. Offer custom payment methods such as checks, money orders, net 30 invoices and wire transfers.

Partial Order Shipping

Ship a single order in multiple shipments, keeping track of all shipping data like tracking information for each shipment sent from a single order. Multiple tracking numbers, multiple shipping statuses for each shipment and which products are in each shipment all tracked under one order.