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CRM Built In

To excel in customer service, order and customer management must be smooth and efficient. OrderStorm eommerce offers Order Management CRM through a Notes screen on the bottom of every order, product and vendor page. Placing action items into work queues and keeping a complete record of notes helps you provide top notch customer service. Note that this is not a full CRM package in the traditional sense – its created to help you manage your daily interactions with customers and suppliers.


Customer management – Maintain a complete record of order detail data, customer service notes, order updates, future actions by date, order changes, cancellations, more. All email sent to a customer including order confirmation, status updates and shipping notices are listed with each order.

Customer history – See all orders placed by a customer even if they came in through different storefronts in your organization.

Order work flow – Assign requests for actions back and forth to different departments with full tracking and documentation on the order.

Work queues – Action items are assigned either to personal or group queues so no action or issue ever falls through the cracks. Full notes section for every item, customer and order keeps complete documentation of actions needed and actions taken.

Dashboard controls – An Administrative Dashboard facilitates management and supervision of customer service and sales reps. The management dashboard allows managers to monitor how many action items are being worked by a customer service or sales rep as well as numbers of past due actions, today’s actions, and future actions. Managers can use this data to balance the work load and see where customer service reps are falling behind to offer training.

Multiple Storefronts

The OrderStorm platform allows a company to manage an unlimited number of ecommerce storefronts using shared data. This allows companies to test different storefronts with the same products and to have different sites for dealer and retail sales with the same products that are managed in a central back-end database. With multiple storefronts you can operate several unique, highly targeted web sites with one login and product catalog

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Storefront Specific Features

OrderStorm allows control over the customer shopping experience for each of your stores. Below are a few examples of storefront specific settings.

Different Merchant Accounts Unique IP Address
Varying Payment Methods Varying Shipping Methods
Different Stores for Retail/Wholesale Varying Navigation Menus

If the same product catalog and checkout options will be on each store, there is no additional charge for additional stores. For example, if you were to set up a store with two categories, auto parts and cell phones, you could set up the auto parts category to be the root of a auto parts store and the cell phones category to be the root of a cell pone store. However, both stores must have the same settings for checkout meaning that they will both use the same merchant account, the same store name and address, same currency, same time zone, etc. The only thing you need to do to make this work is use the same WordPress key for each of these WordPress sites. If you need to set up stores that use different merchant accounts etc. you will need to add an additional store in OrderStorm. The cost of this is $19.88 per month for each store.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine is a form of advanced business process automation technology that allows OrderStorm to eliminate your tedious tasks to free up you and your team’s time to focus on higher-value work


The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine is a form of advanced business process automation technology. OrderStorm has built this technology into every piece of the platform making it painless to automate tedious tasks within your company.

For example, you can have a RPA rule that runs through specified logic like, ‘if a customer orders item 123-ABC, send an email that explains how to install that item,’ or something like, ‘if an order has a quantity of two of item ABC-123 then add item XYX for free.” These RPA rules can be created for your specific stores and customized for your needs.

More examples of where custom business rules can be applied are:

  • International shipping rules and fees
  • Shipping restrictions based on states
  • Custom reporting
  • Combination pricing and special offers of products like buy product A and get product B free for a certain time
  • Special fees collected
  • Email campaigns based on specific rules
  • Pricing updates for groups of products
  • Flagging orders that need CSR interaction
  • Special notifications to customers that order specific products
  • Contract and complex order processing and order management

Contact us to implement a business rule. Note that there is a one time fee for creation of the rule based on its complexity.

Order Management

The OrderStorm platform has EXTENSIVE order management functionality which sets us apart from all other WordPress plugins. Built-in automation and a long list of frequently used features make your customer service reps efficient, saving you both time and money.


Order Processing

OrderStorm allows you to process orders in a way that fits your business.


Customer & Order History

No mater which channel the order originated from, all of your customer information is stored securely in one location, allowing you to view detailed customer and order history.

Order Processing Page

If you have a call center, multiple customer service reps can simultaneously manage the order processing pages plus enter orders during incoming phone calls using the shopping cart checkout screen.



Offline Credit Card Processing, Checks and Custom Payment Methods

Process credit cards manually offline, or within your accounting system. Offer custom payment methods such as checks, money orders, net 30 invoices and wire transfers.

Partial Order Shipping

Ship a single order in multiple shipments, keeping track of all shipping data like tracking information for each shipment sent from a single order. Multiple tracking numbers, multiple shipping statuses for each shipment and which products are in each shipment all tracked under one order.

Drop Shipping

Manually processing drop-shipping paperwork will chew up your profits! OrderStorm has a built-in and fully automated drop shipping program.

Easily set up products for drop shipping from a third party supplier with a single check box.

  • Keep all your supplier information organized in the Vendor List.
  • Each product in the shopping cart is associated with a corresponding supplier.
  • Vendors get email notifications of orders in the form of a Purchase Order.
  • Vendors enter tracking information to generate an automatic shipping notice to the customer.
  • Vendors can manage their open POs online without the need to login.
  • Vendors and see their full account online and the amount your company is paying for each PO.
  • Fully automated payment process for your vendors – your accounting department pays vendors twice a month from a list of vendor payments due.

Please see the OrderStorm White Paper: How to Run a Profitable Drop Ship Program Online 

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