Kipling Ace Hardware Case Study

First, before we talk about this case study, we want you to know that a marketing expert said that we cannot use this case study because the numbers are too good and nobody will believe them. The heck with marketing experts! Here are the numbers. 24 day turn times down to just 4 days. Service Techs doubled productivity from working on 2-3 machines per day to 5-6. Average customer transaction time dropped from 10 minutes to 45 seconds and customer are delighted. And this all happened in less than 60 days after using RepairStorm.  Feel free to give the store owner, Rick, a call at Kipling Ace Hardware in Colorado or click here to download the case study here. (You do not have to sign up for anything! Just click the link and the PDF will download instantly.)


Don’t Lose Your Best Service Technicians.

Industry Experts Recommend Performance Based Compensation.

That is EASY with RepairStorm.

One of our customers called and said that they just lost their best tech. The tech moved to the automotive industry where they pay based on performance so he could earn more money. STIHL advocates tracking technician efficiency and compensating them based on how well they are performing. But this meant that store owners had to collect the information from the paper tickets and enter that into a spreadsheet. So we automated it and built it into RepairStorm.

We have a very long list of customers that would be happy to share their experiences with you.
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