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OrderStorm CRM.
Integration is the old way
Our CRM was built in from the ground up

CRM Built In

To excel in customer service, order and customer management must be smooth and efficient. OrderStorm ecommerce offers Order Management CRM through a Notes screen on the bottom of every order, product and vendor page. Placing action items into work queues and keeping a complete record of notes helps you provide top notch customer service. Note that this is not a full CRM package in the traditional sense – its created to help you manage your daily interactions with customers and suppliers.


Customer management – Maintain a complete record of order detail data, customer service notes, order updates, future actions by date, order changes, cancellations, more. All email sent to a customer including order confirmation, status updates and shipping notices are listed with each order.

Customer history – See all orders placed by a customer even if they came in through different storefronts in your organization.

Order work flow – Assign requests for actions back and forth to different departments with full tracking and documentation on the order.

Work queues – Action items are assigned either to personal or group queues so no action or issue ever falls through the cracks. Full notes section for every item, customer and order keeps complete documentation of actions needed and actions taken.

Dashboard controls – An Administrative Dashboard facilitates management and supervision of customer service and sales reps. The management dashboard allows managers to monitor how many action items are being worked by a customer service or sales rep as well as numbers of past due actions, today’s actions, and future actions. Managers can use this data to balance the work load and see where customer service reps are falling behind to offer training.

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