Frequently Asked Questions for the OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce plugin

Q: I dragged the Categories Menu widget to a sidebar but it does not display.  What’s wrong?

A 1: Your theme may not be configured properly.  The categories menu displays in a sidebar.  Each page that you want to show the menu on must have a sidebar enabled in the page attributes.

Example: In the 2011 theme, there is a dropdown menu under Page Attributes called Template.  You must select Sidebar Template.

Every theme is different.  Some themes have a default that propagates throughout the site.  Other themes make you set up every page individually.

A 2:The Categories Menu widget will not display if you have not entered any categories entered. Log in at and enter some categories and products under the Products section of the main menu.

Q: I dragged the Shopping Cart Status widget to a sidebar but it does not display.  What’s wrong?

A: The Shopping Cart Status box will appear when a product is added to the shopping cart for purchase. If the cart is empty, it will not appear.

Q: I entered my own products into the OrderStorm software but they do not display on the site.  What should I do?

A: Make sure you have entered your API key into the plugin Main page.  Get your key at under Admin, WordPress/API Keys.  Then go to the WordPress dashboard, find OrderStorm e-Commerce in the left nav and enter your key on the Main page of the plugin.

Q: How do I remove the pages called orderstorm-ecommerce-category-page and orderstorm-ecommerce-product-page from the top nav?

A: These pages are necessary to the correct functioning of the plugin and cannot be placed in draft, private or in the trash.  You should first re-name these pages with your main keywords.  Then you can remove the product page from your menu as there is nothing on it.  The category page holds all of your root categories and is redundant to the categories menu widget.  If you don’t want to use the category page, hide it from the menu.  There are two ways to do this.

1. You can either use your theme settings to take the page out of the menu if this is a feature of your theme.

2. You can use the Menus under Appearance on the WordPress dashboard.  Create a custom menu and don’t put these pages into it.

Q: What shortcodes are available?


1.  Place this shortcode on any page to display a category of products on the page.

Replace ‘your-category-SEO-friendly-slug’ with the SEO slug for the category.  If you are not using a SEO slug then replace with the category key.

2.  Code snippet:  Use this PHP function to display the View Shopping Cart Status box if you are not using the widget.  You can put the code anywhere.
<?php orderstorm_ecommerce_shopping_cart_status('topright'); ?>

3. To display product information in your posts or pages, use these shortcodes.

Q: I’m going to design my webstore with a “responsive template” so it will automatically be viewable on ALL devices like phones and tablets. I noticed a lot of themes say they are compatible with magento, shopify, and other competing store platforms. Can you please suggest “responsive store templates that work successfully with Orderstorm? Or… Does Orderstorm work with any template?

OrderStorm will work with any WordPress theme. However, you should not choose a compatible theme for the other e-commerce sites such as Magento or Shopify because they are typically specific to those platforms. The OrderStorm solution does not need a special theme to work because it works out of the box with WordPress. Depending on the actual theme you choose you may have to do some minor tweaking of the template file to make it fit better in the responsive format. For example, the Customizr theme supports Bootstrap Fluid containers and even though the OrderStorm content will display fine on this theme it would be best to use the fluid containers.