CRM – Notes and Action Items

Notes and action items are the core of great customer service. They keep track of who said what to whom, who did what when, and who needs to do what when. All action items are stored in queues by employee name and group association (i.e. Customer Service, Finance, Shipping, Sales etc.). By using notes and action items consistently, nothing ever falls through the cracks. No customer or vendor issue is ever forgotten. Notes and action items can be entered on any object in the cart including vendors, products, orders, and domains.

  • Procedures for entering notes and action items
    • Enter a title for your note. Examples – ‘Customer called and requested rush shipping’ or ‘Vendor quoted $150 for international shipping’
    • Enter any additional details in the main text box. You can copy email correspondence into the text box to keep all information in one place.
    • Click on ‘add note’
    • Enter any subsequent action that needs to be taken as an Action Item. Examples – ‘Call customer to get correct credit card expiration date’ or ‘Follow up on shipping in 3 weeks.’
    • Click in the box to ‘Create action item’ (if box is unchecked the item will be added as a note)
    • Select a due date for the action item from either the drop down list or the calendar.
    • Select the ‘assign action to’ drop down list to assign the action item either to someone else or a work group (i.e. shipping or customer service) If you skip this step, the action item will automatically be assigned to you.
  • Managing Action items – Action Items Queues. Once an action item is created, it will appear at the top of the Administration Home Page.
    • Your Action Items Queue is what you need to do today. Work from Oldest to Newest or List All.
    • Work on Action Items for the groups you belong to.
    • Everyone can work on Public Action Items.
  • Management Oversight – Click on Home. From the Admin tab select Action Items Queues Management Dashboard
    • Review how many past due actions each person in your organization has open
    • Re-assign all action items to someone else if an employee leaves.

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