Business Management

  • Reports – standard reports included, Call OrderStorm for additional reports.
    • From the main menu, select Reports.
    • Standard reports include Monthly Sales, Monthly Purchase Order Totals, COGS and Monthly Sales by Product
  • Promotion Codes – from the Settings menu, select Promos
    • Set coupon and other promotion codes under the Promo tab
    • Create a Name and a unique promotion code
    • Optional start and end dates
    • Enter the number of available codes if any
    • Discounts can be a set dollar amount or a percent
    • Discount can also be Free Shipping
    • More instructions on the bottom of the settings page
    • Discount is for the entire order, not an individual product
    • Set the checkout page promo code label on the Settings/Storefront Settings/global tab
  • Login Accounts – keep track of login information to any websites you use. Share the login information to employees so everyone has access to updated passwords.
    1. From the Admin menu, select Login Accounts.
    2. Check the drop down list at the bottom of the page under ‘Add Login Account’ to see if the entity already exists in the system.
    3. If the entity already exists:
      1. Enter a username and password, select the entity from the drop down box, and select .
      2. The Entity will appear above in the list
    4. Edit the Logon Account
      1. Click on the of the Entity.
      2. Add email account associated with the login account in the notes.
      3. Set user access – select users from the drop down list, click .
      4. Go to and click , check the box under for the domains associated with the logon account. Click the button.
    5. If the entity does not already exist you must add it.
      1. Click on ‘Home’ for the main menu:
      2. Select
      3. Put the name of the entity in the field
      4. Enter the URL
      5. Select
      6. Select the correct Contact Type Codes based on what the entity it is.
      7. Select
      8. Click on the Entity Name at the top of the page to go to the main screen
      9. Add any notes on special information required to open an account
    6. Go back to Login Accounts
      1. Now follow the procedure under #2) ‘If the entity already exists’ above.
  • Reconcile purchase order and invoice amounts when you receive a supplier invoice
    • From the main menu select Orders/Customers
    • Search by PO number
    • At the bottom of the PO you can enter the vendor’s invoice number, update the amount of the product and update the shipping amount to make sure your checks to the vendor are correct. Select the corresponding Update button after each change. Amounts that are updated on an invoice that has already been paid will be added/subtracted on the next payment date.
  • Make vendor payments – The vendor account adds up all orders shipped between the 1st and the 15th of the month and again from the 16th to the end of the month. This is based on the date that shipping information is entered into the PO.
    • From the Vendors tab, select Vendor Payments.
    • Select the date of the check run you wish to pay
    • Pay vendors twice monthly – net 15 or net 20
  • Add Users – Additional users can be added at any time.
    • Go to Home.
    • From the Admintab, select Manage Users
    • Note: OrderStorm charges a fee for additional users.
  • Assign users to departments
    • From the main menu Admin tab, select Manage Departments
    • Create a new department by entering the department name in the text box and selecting Add.
    • Select the department name to manage the department information.
    • Select Manage Members to assign employees to a department.

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