Category Management

OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce allows you to organize your products into logical categories. Categories should be created before adding products.

  • Add New Categories
    • From the Products menu select Product Categories
    • Click at the top of the page to add a new category.
    • Fill in all fields and select Add.
    • Either add another category or go HOME to finish setting up the first category.
    • From the Products tab select Product Categories again.
    • Find the category you just added and select edit.
    • Browse to and Upload a category image. The image must be sized and formatted before you upload. If you do not upload a photo, the shopping cart will display a default image that says ‘No image available’. If you want to use a different default image, load the image you want to use instead into your Media Library. (If you want nothing to display for this image, you can create a small transparent .gif) Then go to Settings, Storefront Settings, images tab. Enter the URL of the image in the field for category thumbnail image default URL.
    • Add unlimited additional pictures to the Category Long Description using your WordPress Media Library.
      • Upload the photo to the Media Library.
      • Copy the image URL into the Category Long Description.
    • Set display category to YES.  If you are adding a brand new category you may NOT want to display it until you have completed the set-up of this NEW category. Completing the set-up may include making it a sub-category of another category and adding products to it. After you have done this you can edit the NEW category and mark it with a YES for display to make it live on your site.
  • Create Subcategories
    • Follow all the instructions for adding a new category above.
    • From the Products menu, Product Categories page, select move.  On the next page, find the parent category you want and click move here.
  • Manage Categories– turn on and off, re-sort, move
    • From the Products menu select Product Categories.
      • From the Edit Category page, use the yes/no buttons to turn the entire category off or on.
      • Select move to create a subcategory and move the category under a parent category.
      • Select view products to view a list of products in the category and edit them.
      • Select batch edit products to edit prices for all products in the category and a short list of product attributes.
      • Select view products to delete a batch of products from the category or add a batch of products to another category. The same product may appear in multiple categories – ex. License plate lights could appear in both ‘License Plate Mounting’ and ‘Lights and Turn Signals’.
  • Manage Product Sort Order
    • You can change the order of the products listed in a particular category. For each product, on the edit page, you can go to the size tab. The last field is ‘size attribute’. This field can be used to sort products. Type in a custom sort number for each product in the list.

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