Multiple Storefronts

The OrderStorm platform allows a company to manage an unlimited number of ecommerce storefronts using shared data. This allows companies to test different storefronts with the same products and to have different sites for dealer and retail sales with the same products that are managed in a central back-end database. With multiple storefronts you can operate several unique, highly targeted web sites with one login and product catalog.

Storefront Specific Features

OrderStorm allows control over the customer shopping experience for each of your stores. Below are a few examples of storefront specific settings.

  • Different Merchant Accounts
  • Unique IP Address
  • Varying Payment Methods
  • Varying Shipping Methods
  • Different Stores for Retail/Wholesale
  • Varying Navigation Menus
  • If the same product catalog and checkout options will be on each store, there is no additional charge for additional stores. For example, if you were to set up a store with two categories, auto parts and cell phones, you could set up the auto parts category to be the root of a auto parts store and the cell phones category to be the root of a cell pone store. However, both stores must have the same settings for checkout meaning that they will both use the same merchant account, the same store name and address, same currency, same time zone, etc. The only thing you need to do to make this work is use the same WordPress key for each of these WordPress sites. If you need to set up stores that use different merchant accounts etc. you will need to add an additional store in OrderStorm. The cost of this is $19.88 per month for each store.