wordpress ecommerce customization graphic

Are your e-commerce needs complex? Do you need a rules engine? A product configurator? Multiple levels of pricing, programs, suppliers and partners?

Out of the box shopping cart solutions always seem to be lacking somewhere. There is always something you wish you could do that the solution doesn’t provide. Your business is unique – designed by you to create strategic advantages over your competitors. If it would make a difference to your bottom line, it may be worth it to have the function developed specifically for your business.

Use the OrderStorm platform to develop custom e-commerce applications – designed to create both competitive advantage and automation for your company.

Examples of custom applications

  • Gold, silver and platinum membership program
  • Building configurator
  • Rotating product displays

Use the OrderStorm business rules engine to create custom reports, custom scripts to apply rules to specific products, or custom scripts that send emails.

  • Apply different shipping charges based different countries
  • Flag orders that might be credit card fraud for futher review before they ship
  • Set custom rules for declined credit cards
  • Set custom rules for late orders

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