wordpress ecommerce Rules Engine graphic

Customers on the Enterprise plan all have access to the OrderStorm Business Rules Engine. The business rules engine allows OrderStorm to highly customize the platform to fit specific requirements of your business.

Business Rules are rules that can be applied to any area of your business to create a unique shopping experience and competitive advantage. For example, you can have a business rule that says that ‘if a customer orders item 123-ABC, send an email that explains how to install that item,’ or something like, ‘if an order has a quantity of two of item ABC-123 then add item XYX for free.” Business rules can be created for your specific stores and customized for your needs.

Once business rules have been created for your business, you have control over which rule to apply to an object in the system. For example, you may have a rule that sends email to customers that purchase a specific product. One rule may dictate that the email is sent within minutes after the order is placed and another may dictate that the email is sent a week after the order is placed. You can choose which rule to apply and fine tune which works best for you business or, you can simply stop the rule altogether.

More examples of where custom business rules can be applied are:

  • International shipping rules and fees
  • Shipping restrictions based on states
  • Custom reporting
  • Combination pricing and special offers of products like buy product A and get product B free for a certain time
  • Special fees collected
  • Email campaigns based on specific rules
  • Pricing updates for groups of products
  • Flagging orders that need CSR interaction
  • Special notifications to customers that order specific products
  • Contract and complex order processing and order management

Contact us to implement a business rule. Note that there is a one time fee for creation of the rule based on its complexity.