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OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce

OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce – An enterprise level shopping cart that runs on your WordPress website hosted anywhere. You can sell your products with flexibility, customization, security and integrity with the OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce plugin and achieve online success. Use any OrderStorm WordPress compliant e-commerce theme or integrate with your own theme.

The OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce engine is a cloud computing solution also called SaaS (software as a service). This means that our servers do all the work and all you need is to use the OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce plugin to access the power of our enterprise level shopping cart.

The OrderStorm WordPress ecommerce shopping cart is a premium, full featured product for serious web merchants. Categories and Products are not WordPress pages or posts. They are stored in an external SQL database. OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce is just right for:

  • Businesses that need more functionality than the free plug-ins provide
  • Businesses models that require secure storage of credit card data
  • Stores with large numbers of SKUs
  • Businesses that have multiple CSRs working on orders

The OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce shopping cart offers a wide range of built in features making it easy to manage your product catalog and your day-to-day sales.


OrderStorm eCommerce Custom Files Manager

This plugin allows customization and storage of cascading style sheet files in a separate folder for the OrderStorm eCommerce plugin to prevent changes from being overwritten in an update.

Never lose the changes you make to your style sheets in an update of the OrderStorm e-Commerce plugin. The OrderStorm eCommerce Custom Files Manager sets up a second folder called orderstorm-wordpress-e-commerce-custom that contains a duplicate set of .css files for your shopping cart. You no longer need to worry about creating a separate backup of your style sheets prior to an upgrade. By using the OrderStorm eCommerce Custom Files Manager, its done for you. After the plugin is installed, make all changes to the OrderStorm e-Commerce .css files in the Custom Files Manager plugin edit screen instead of to the .css files in the main plugin.


OrderStorm WordPress Toolbox

The plugin contains the following convenient shortcodes:




With this shortcode, you can put these elements anywhere on posts and pages so you are not limited to the sidebars.