Shortcodes for Displaying Categories and Products

The OrderStorm eCommerce plugin for WordPress now includes a whole set of shortcodes to help you display categories and selected product information more flexibly on your pages and in your posts.

You can use shortcodes to display a grid of product categories on your home page or a single category on a separate page outside of the rest of the categories menu structure.

You can use shortcodes to display product information in your posts – update the product in your database and it automatically will be updated in your post. Individual shortcodes are available for product name, item number, short description, price, and small image.

1. Use this shortcode to display a grid of all root categories on your home page.

2. Place this shortcode on any page to display an individual category of products on the page.

  •  Be sure to replace ‘your-category-key’ with the key for the category.  You can find the key on the category general tab. Alternately, you can use the category slug.

shortcode category key

3. To display dynamic product information in your posts, see the list of shortcodes for products. You can find the product key on the product numbers tab.

product key for shortcode


If you only have a few products and don’t want to put them in separate categories or use the categories menu widget, you can display all items on one page. Make one general category that contains all your products and put the shortcode in number 2 above on the page. You will see just a list of all your products.

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