Quantity Discounts Made Easier

Have you ever wanted to apply quantity discounts across product variations?  Did you have to enter in the different quantity discounts as options and hope that your customer was honest and entered the correct quantity to match the discount they selected?  OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce handles this!

Have you ever wanted to apply quantity discounts across different product SKUs?  Maybe you have three different books for sale and if they buy three books in any combination you want to apply a quantity discount?  OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce does this!

Situation 1 – Apply the discount to all line items in the shopping cart (at checkout) including all variations.  Example:  A customer orders the same book that comes in several variations:  three of the English version and two of the Spanish version.  Quantity discount applies for all 5 books.

In Situation 1, the quantity discount applies to the base price.  If you are charging $2 extra for the Spanish variation, you will still get the additional $2 each.

Situation 2 – A merchant offers quantity discount on any 5 books.   Example:  A customer orders three novels and two cookbooks.  Quantity discount applies for all 5 books.

In Situation 2, it does not matter if the base prices of the books are different.

How to set up Quantity Discounts
To enter quantity discounts go to the product and select the pricing tab.  Right next to the price, click on edit quantity discount pricing here.  This takes you to a new page where you can enter quantity discounts.  Put the lowest number of items needed to qualify for the discount in the quantity box and the unit (price for each) price in the price box and press ADD.  Then add successive levels of quantity discounts.

Activate quantity discounts on this page also:
apply discounts to ALL line items in the shopping cart
If this is set to YES then the discount will apply to product variations that may have already been added to the cart. For example, if there is a discount at a quantity of 10 and the customer orders 5 in color red and then adds another 5 in quantity blue the discount will be applied to both line items. If this is set to NO then the discount will only apply to one line item in the cart.
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