OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce Offers Numerous Payment Options for End Users

The OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce shopping cart software can be configured to offer end users a variety of convenient ways to pay.  Many people don’t like to use credit cards and are very happy with a check/money order option.

These options are presented during the regular checkout procedure.  The customer selects the most convenient method for them to pay.  In the check and wire transfer instance, the customer receives a page of instructions on where to send the check or wire transfer plus a confirmation email with the same information.

payment options
active default sort
payment type yes no payment order low limit high limit update edit
finish page
Credit Cards – manual processing


Wire Transfers

Credit Cards configure

Google Checkout configure

Checks/Money Orders


Merchants also like the convenience of configuring a high and low limit on payment options.  If you are selling a high ticket item, the WordPress e-commerce payment options allow you to set an upper limit on credit cards so that orders above a certain size must be paid for by check or wire.  Alternately, due to the cost of wire transfer, many merchants don’t want a wire if the amount is too small.

To configure the WordPress Shopping cart, go to the Settings tab and then select Payment Options.

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