OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce adds Google Checkout

Now users of the OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce plugin can offer Google checkout to customers.  Setting up Google Checkout is easy.  The WordPress shopping cart settings allow users to set up multiple payment options including automated credit card processing, manual credit card processing, checks,  wire transfers and Google Checkout.  When a customer goes to the checkout page in the shopping cart, they can select the most convenient form of payment.

add Google Checkout account
All fields are required. Changing this information can cause your Google Checkout processing to fail.
name * (max 255 char)
The name is for your reference only.
Google merchant id *
Google merchant key *
sandbox * Yes


Set this to YES if this is a Google sandbox or test account. If set to NO then this is a production account.

Using Google Checkout allows buyers to pay using their own account.  This keeps personal information safe and allows shoppers to see purchases from multiple online stores all together in their Google account.  Only one password is needed instead of having to sign up for a different password with every merchant.

OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce continues to add features to make our shopping cart plugin better.  Watch our blog for more updates.

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