OrderStorm eCommerce Integrates with Google XML Sitemaps plugin

To help you get the best possible indexing of your OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce categories and products, we have integrated with Arne Brachhold’s Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This new function of our WordPress shopping cart plugin enables the sitemap to include URLs for product pages and category pages in the OrderStorm database and take advantage of the SEO’d slugs you created for your categories and products.

When you install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin and generate the sitemap, it calls a function of the OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce plugin to generate product and category entries in the sitemap. Now the search engines can spider and index your entire product catalog through your WordPress site. If you change something in your shopping cart, make sure to rebuild the sitemap manually. Regenerate the sitemap manually every time you make a change to a category or product.

This is one of the things that makes OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce really great. While OrderStorm is a SaaS product, it server side code, not client side only like other SaaS plugins. With an Ajax shopping cart, your products might not get indexed be the search engines.

One other thing to note is that the auto-regeneration feature of this sitemap plugin fails occasionally. Keep your eye on it. If you see it failed, just regenerate it manually.

Contact us at support@orderstorm.com if you have questions about the OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce plugin and the sitemap integration.

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