Ed McCaffrey uses OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce to Check in Campers

Football legend, Ed McCaffrey, used OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce to sell event registrations and check in campers for the Eddy Mac Football Camps this year.  Here is a photo Maria Sallis of OrderStorm at the registration desk on the opening day of football camp. (Notice her spiffy white OrderStorm t-shirt.)

Using OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce, the camp takes orders and processes credit cards.  Campers can also use the OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce software to pay by check.  In addition, each order gets a special registration form that must be filled out.  In the case of the Eddy Mac football camps, the registration form is for t-shirt size, position, school, age etc.

The OrderStorm WordPress e-commerce shopping cart sells products, services and event registrations.   In this case, each camp is just another product in the shopping cart.  OrderStorm software shows a list of all orders (campers) for each camp to generate a list of attendees.  Contact us if you want to use WordPress to do something similar.  We can customize the registration form to take whatever special data you need on your event-goers.

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