Controlling eCommerce Costs for Order Management

Your biggest expenses in running an online business are not for software – there’s lots of very inexpensive software available. Its not your credit card processing costs either. Beyond cost of goods, the biggest expense by far is for Customer Service man hours. Whether you do all the customer service yourself or you have 10 customer service reps on the phones, chat, email and forums, customer service is a major expense.

Order Management is the primary function of a customer service rep. What are the typical tasks a CSR performs during the day? How can they be more automated so productivity goes up while costs do not? Here’s a list of typical things a csr handles by phone.

  • Product questions
  • Order status
  • Order changes
  • Shipping changes
  • Payment resolution
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Doesn’t sound too bad right? Right if you have software to handle this. What if a customer asks a product question and you have no knowledge base? Or you have to find the phone number to call the manufacturer with a technical question? Or you have to take careful notes and store them where the rest of the team can see them regarding a damaged item? Or you have to notify the warehouse of a change before they ship the product?

    Automating these order management functions is the key to controlling costs. Choose a software package

    Easy to find information
    Easy to cancel
    Easy to add products to the order
    Easy to change shipping or billing address
    Easy to add charges like rush shipping
    Easy to keep notes on the order

    And if you are drop shipping:
    Automated POs that go out to vendors for fulfillment in real time

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