How to change image sizes in the shopping cart

In OrderStorm Sys Admin go to SETTINGS > STORE SETTINGS and click on the PRODUCT IMAGES tab. There are 4 “image layers” for each product. The first layer is the image that is displayed for the product when the product

How to Remove the Product Images from the Category Page


Go to PLUGINS in WordPress Find the OrderStorm plugin Click EDIT under the OrderStorm name On the right where you see the list of plugin filed find orderstorm-wordpress-e-commerce/templates/category_page.php  It is about 7th from the bottom of the list. Click on

Shortcodes for Displaying Categories and Products

The OrderStorm eCommerce plugin for WordPress now includes a whole set of shortcodes to help you display categories and selected product information more flexibly on your pages and in your posts. You can use shortcodes to display a grid of

Controlling eCommerce Costs for Order Management

Your biggest expenses in running an online business are not for software – there’s lots of very inexpensive software available. Its not your credit card processing costs either. Beyond cost of goods, the biggest expense by far is for Customer

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More shipping methods, New feature sets

The latest beta version of the OrderStorm WordPress e-Commerce plugin adds more shipping methods and new ways to add groups of variations to products.

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