Drop Shipping

OrderStorm White Paper: How to Run a Profitable Drop Ship Program Online – January 2009


Manually processing drop-shipping paperwork will chew up your profits! The OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce plugin has a built-in and fully automated drop shipping program.

Easily set up products for drop shipping from a third party supplier with a single check box.

  • Keep all your supplier information organized in the Vendor List.
  • Each product in the shopping cart is associated with a corresponding supplier.
  • Vendors get email notifications of orders in the form of a Purchase Order.
  • Vendors enter tracking information to generate an automatic shipping notice to the customer.
  • Vendors can manage their open POs online without the need to login.
  • Vendors and see their full account online and the amount your company is paying for each PO.
  • Fully automated payment process for your vendors – your accounting department pays vendors twice a month from a list of vendor payments due.

Video: Setting Up Drop Shipping

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