How to Remove the Product Images from the Category Page

  1. Go to PLUGINS in WordPress
  2. Find the OrderStorm plugin
  3. Click EDIT under the OrderStorm name
  4. On the right where you see the list of plugin filed find orderstorm-wordpress-e-commerce/templates/category_page.php  It is about 7th from the bottom of the list. Click on that file.
  5. Now you are editing that template
  6. You will see the table data like this: <td class=”product_image” align=”center”>
  7. Remove the code for the entire <td>. That is from the <td class=”product_image” align=”center”> untill you see the </td>

That’s all there is to it!  You removed the product images from the category page in WordPress.  You can easily make other changes to the template to change how other elements are displayed on this page in the same template.

Happy Selling!