Creating Quotes

Creating Quotes

Create the Quote

    1. Go to your front-end store in WordPress and add items to the shipping cart that you want to quote.
    2. In the checkout screen there is a reference number. Go to the order list in the OrderStorm Sys Admin dash board and search for that reference number. The menu item is ORDERS/CUSTOMERS > ORDERS. Be sure to check the REF NUMBER for the FIND BY.


    1. When you open the order you will be in the ITEMS tab and you will see that the order status is ABANDONED. At the bottom of the items tab click on the CHANGE THIS ABANDONED CART TO A QUOTE button.


    1. There will be a new set of buttons at the bottom of the page. Click on CHANGE TO ADVANCED QUOTE VIEW.


    1. In this advanced view you will see new fields that you can edit on the fly and the margins will be changed on the fly as well.


  1. Once the pricing set you are ready to send the quote to the customer.

Sending the Quote to your Customer

    1. Click on the CUSTOMER tab to see the customer’s information. If no customer information was entered in the checkout screen then you will see an empty customer record here. Add the customer’s information, especially the email address so you can send the quote.
    2. Click on the EMAIL tab. There are two email boxes on this page. One is to send an update to the customer and the other is to send the details of the quote. Update are for sending messages like: “We are getting shipping quotes for you and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours with your quote.” The quote details sends the entire quote to the customer with all the pricing.


  1. When creating these emails you can check the SET TO DEFAULT box at the bottom to save the text body as the default like a form letter for future quotes.

Converting the Quote into an Order

    1. Once your customer accepts the quote you can convert the quote into an order. Just click on the CHANGE THIS QUOTE TO AN ORDER button and you are done!


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